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About AEAI

We are professionals in the private and public sectors, offering free and subsidized trainings to individuals and corporate bodies, enabling them take advantage of the emerging economy status of many African States.
We specialize in Human Capacity development and management which inadvertently will support new and existing business and will eventually lead to strengthened individual financial capacity and collective national economic growth.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding services and support to our participants and partners.

The aeai Initiative was established to give information and technical support to start-up and existing businesses, by seeking out time tested principles that have led to entrepreneurship revolutions in all developed economies, and adapting them to the peculiarities of the African Nations vis a vis their traditions and cultures, enabling them build micro and small businesses and grow them to multinational status.

We are in a position to provide a “one stop shop” for entrepreneurs, providing them with contemporary information regarding available business opportunities, registration procedures, financing options, team building etc.

Our Values

To provide and sustain time tested ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRINCIPLES to individuals, encouraging MICRO AND SMALL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT and in turn DRASTICALLY REDUCE POVERTY LEVELS especially in present day Nations with a third world status.

Our Values


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Our Services


This is the training arm of aeai, emphasizing on the present day advantages of building businesses from ground floor up, the cost advantages of home managed businesses, encouraging the creation of industrial parks to handle micro and small business start-ups, etc. We are keen on building a working partnership with our participants and partners because of our conviction that we have the expertise, capability, and incentive to perform with the competence and flair that will result in the creation of outstanding businesses.

This is the mentorship arm of Aeai, providing a six month mentorship program to new start-ups or existing businesses, assisting them with handling teething issues including: · Challenges of organizational growth, · Staff recruitment · Management issues · Legal issues · Labour and tax laws etc We have an integrated team of business and management consultants committed to produce unique solutions to our participants and protégés needs.

“Redefining Business” Radio Show

The aeai radio program is designed to help amplify the message of business development in and around the country. Segments on this 20 minutes program include: • Daily business motivational tips • 1000 ideas • Success stories • B2R (books to read)/ S2V (sites to visit). • Product promotion etc

“ EmployAfrica” Recruitment

We offer comprehensive and thorough procedures for finding the right people for the right jobs. We provide a specialized service using our expertise and proprietary tools in the identification, assessment and selection of qualitative professionals. Our strategy includes: Graduate Attachment Program Empowerment and Training Seminars Provision of Job Opportunities Act as Head hunters for Organizations Volunteer Services Programs


Our staff and associates are experts who combine technical competence, managerial efficiency and integrity, with effective inter-personal skills to provide outstanding service even under difficult conditions and within tight time frames.
A master’s degree graduate of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He has 9 years’ experience, working with the best real estate development firm in Abuja, Cachez Turnkey Projects, and the Federal Capital Development Authority before moving on to start his own real estate business.
Arc. Ed Walters
Head, Business Development
She has worked with Top Notch Consulting, Abuja. She has been involved in the design, and development of the training systems used by aeai, which includes training slides, modules, seminar materials etc. Her seminar packaging and keynote presentations are unforgettable.
Esther Peters
Head, Business Training and Consulting
a graduate of Business Administration from Nassarawa State Polytechnic Heads the Logistics Division. He has logistics management experience, working in various high-end companies, in Nigeria. Nonso has the amazing ability to connect with men/women of all ages from all professional backgrounds and walks of life. 
Nonso Iwuchukwu
Head, Logistics
She has a Bsc. Degree in Management from Ebonyi State University. Her preferred approach is to learn about organizations in order to tailor every event to their specific setting and needs.  Her most important goal is that attendees leave his sessions with greater insight and a sense of purpose about themselves. 
Theodora Otu
Head, Program and Events Team
He finished from Abia State University with a Bsc. MCB. He has been involved in software development and management for the past two years and has proven himself as not only ICT savvy but also knowledgeable in software development. He has a high level of proficiency in marketing and customer relations.
Collins Nwogbo
Head, IT and Marketing

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